My process nearly always starts with drawing.

I have always been fascinated with the properties in different materials and how they can be worked with sculpturally. My foundation was based in exploring traditional techniques, working with steel, bronze, developing modelling skills, mould making, casting, drawing, etc. I prefer to maintain variety in my work, and I tend not to stick with any given material for too long.

There is a selection of materials I always return to, amongst these are wood and bronze. These two beautiful materials, one organic and impermanent and one industrial and more permanent, are constantly giving back to me and I am always very excited about starting new works in each.

For me, wood is one of the most satisfying and rewarding materials. I have an elemental fascination with it and I believe you must accept that flexibility and patience is needed to be able to work with wood and communicate with it.

Sculpting In Wood

All wood is ecologically and sustainably sourced through a range of forestry, tree surgery and estate management contacts.

The process for working wood, again often starts with drawing. Then selecting the right species and piece.

Designs will either require finding/sourcing the right piece, and with anything 'in-stock' at the studio, I often start to consider what I will do with certain bits long before I start to work with it.

Once I have explored the three dimensions of the designed piece the first cuts must be made – the most challenging part. The chainsaw, my most destructive tool, is used to remove larger sections of wood, then the carving process changes with each tool, the more detail is applied. I have an extensive collection of specialist tools for working with wood, an ongoing collection. Detailed work can often go right down to hand chisels, carving knives and fine hand sanding.

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