"My work has become purposely accessible yet still remains conceptually driven, although understanding this is not a necessity. my studies in philosophy and sculpture with interests in psychology and people open doors of ideas for me most days."


Following on from the 'Hooded' series, there was an interest in how removing the eyes from a face can create subliminal feelings. As soon as you introduce anonymity, perceptions change.

Masks have been used since antiquity for ceremonial, practical and decorational purposes. Creating an alternative appearance has been a significant part of many cultures across the globe.

Exploring what the 'mask' can represent, the roots of this work reach back to Indigenous cultures, specifically childhood connections to African art and more recently Ed's travels in South East Asia and Australasia.

There are some significant pieces of work underway, including an ambitious 'Geisha' sculpture, 'Pierrot' and other characters of Pantomime.

Worcestershire, UK
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