"My work has become purposely accessible yet still remains conceptually driven, although understanding this is not a necessity. my studies in philosophy and sculpture with interests in psychology and people open doors of ideas for me most days."


'The Hooded Figure'

This familiar character is part of an ongoing series of work by Ed Elliott.

Sometimes seen as a group of seven entitled 'The Roget's Vigil' – these otherwordly characters, much stronger in numbers, stand still, yet seem to almost move, casting an extraordinary presence as they silently watch. Their gaze is captivating and plucks subliminally at the psyche.

The foundation of this idea started with studying Celtic mythology and the fascination with this mysteriously advanced civilisation which comfortably lived off the land, leaving little trace of their exceptional existence.

As soon as the first sculpture describing the 'cowl' was made it was obvious that this work didn't belong in a gallery context.

Ed felt the right environment for these would have to be relevant to what the work was exploring. It would have to be somewhere solitary. Somewhere that, when walking alone, made our thoughts dance.

Ed knew that a woodland or forest setting would be the perfect framework for this work. Once this had been achieved, the reaction from the public was far more interesting than expected. Some people enjoy the experience and some people really don't. This series of work then became more of an exploration into reaction.

“When these sculptures are installed in context, they really work. The installation at Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean was a fantastic experience.”

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