Purchasing and commissioning work.

Pieces of work available for purchase

My body of work can be distinguished in different ways. I have developed several ‘series’ of work that explore concepts; they are not static, they grow and develop with time.

These are available as a selection of one-off original works that are completely unique.

There is also cast work available: these form part of a series of Limited Editions, notably the Ed Elliott Bronze Collection. There are a limited number of pieces in each edition, they are each made to order, and you will own an edition number and each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Please see the current list of work for sale. A catalogue of work for sale is available on request and newer work is announced via my Mailing List and most accessible to view on my social media pages.

Commissioning a bespoke piece

If you are considering commissioning a new piece of sculpture, I work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals. The process starts with a consultation that I provide free of charge (travel dependent) to discuss your initial ideas, establish a brief and discuss budget.

The next step is the design stage, in which I explore different ideas and designs for which there is a fee. We then meet again - a chance for you to see some designs and discuss your thoughts, likely time scales and costs. I will then send over a proposal with all the required information and specifications, terms and conditions.

Once any amendments have been made and a decision has been reached, we would complete a commission agreement to confirm the intention to proceed with the commission and agreed terms.

The payment is arranged in the following format: 50% of the budget will usually be required to start the work. Studio visits can be arranged to experience the 'work in progress' journey of the piece, and/or photographs can be sent periodically throughout – unless the client prefers to wait till the piece is finished! The balance is to be paid once the piece is completed.

When commissioning a bespoke piece some points to consider:

  • Approximate budget for the project
  • An idea of scale is helpful but not essential
  • Would the work be for permanent indoor or outdoor display (or moveable)?
  • If there is a preferred timescale/special event to work towards (I vary my time between projects/commissions and exhibitions all year round so it is best to allow as much notice as possible)
  • If there are any existing pieces /series you have a particular interest in

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